Tuesday’s Tip – Seven Neat Closet Tips

Men's closet

  1. Clear the space: then, organize Purging and organizing at the same time gets overwhelming.
  2. Invest in matching hangers.  That alone makes your closet look more pulled together.
  3. Back on the rack.  Make it a point to put things back, even when you’re trying something on.  This saves cleaning time later on.
  4. Buy complete outfits, so you know you’ll have something to wear together.
  5. Practice the “10-minute tidy.”  Clear up the space daily.
  6. Donate your hangers and clothing items.
  7. Whenever you buy ANYTHING – a lipstick, a spatula, a t-shirt – get rid of one thing to maintain balance.  Or 2-3 more if you need to!

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