Tueday’s Tip – Switching Your Handbag

Utilizing bag inserts will allow you to quickly and simply take everything out and transfer to another bag.

Monday’s Mantra – Donate Your Stuff!

“Don’t pack it away; Donate Your Stuff!”

Tuesday’s Tip – Seven Neat Closet Tips

“It’s about loving what you own.”

Monday’s Mantra

Purge. Organize. Donate your books.

Monday’s Mantra – from Gretchen Rubin

Use it up, wear it out, make it work or do without!

Friday’s Facts – Clutter Addiction

#NAPOCares and #NAPO Professionals work with seniors to help them clear their clutter.

Wednesday’s Wake-up Call – Clear the Clutter

54% of adults are overwhelmed by clutter at home and work

Weekend Reading – Time Management Tips

Busy professionals juggling the responsibilities of work and family often feel pressed for time.

Friday’s Facts – The Cost of Storage

$38 billion is spent yearly on self-storage. Is that better spent on retirement savings?

Tuesday’s Tip – Stock Your Gym Bag

A well-stocked and organized gym bag…