Bedrooms You’ll Never Want to Leave – Upscale Downsizing – Book Recommendation

how to achieve maximum aesthetic results even in a minimal space

Weekend Warriors – Tips for Shopping at Consignment Stores

Secondhand Decorating from consignment stores is a great way to discard your home goods and find good deals in return.

Book Club – the Clutter Connection, by Cassandra Aarssen

How your personality type determines why you organize the way you do

Book Club Recommendation – The Five Essential Elements of Well Being

The Five Essential Elements will provide you with a holistic view

Wednesday’s Wake-up Call – the Results of Organizing

Ask yourself, what would YOU do with extra time in your day?

Love It or Lose It – Upscale Downsizing – Book Club Recommendation

Living a minimalist lifestyle and decorating by only keeping what you love

Earth Day – Educating Your Kids

Educating Your Kids

Book Club Recommendation – Am I Overthinking This?

compelling book about decision-making

Book Club Recommendation – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

blockbuster organizing & lifestyle book by Marie Kondo

Living in Style – Upscale Downsizing – Book Club recommendation

Living with less helps you live in style with only the items you love