COVID-19 Readiness

Wear a Mask. Save Lives.

Wear a face cover. Wash your hands. Keep a safe distance.

2021 Guidelines for Organized by Burley clients regarding COVID-19

My goal is to provide each of my clients with a high level of service while ensuring that you, your family, and household staff remain healthy and safe. After reading the guidelines below, please confirm that you would like to proceed with our organizing services. 

COVID-19 Guidelines

  1. Organized by Burley
    • Our team members will only come to your home if they are feeling healthy.  
    • Our team size may be reduced or increased based on the size and layout of the home. 
    • We will wear a mask while on-site.
    • We will practice good hand hygiene which includes wearing gloves, using hand sanitizer and/or frequent washing of hands. 
    • We will always attempt to maintain a 6-ft distance from each other and from you. 
  1. Service Specific Guidelines
    • Discard and Donate – Please be aware that many charities are suspending their donation operations. As a result, some items that would normally go to charity may end up being discarded. Please confirm that you would still like to proceed with Discard and Donate service on that basis.
    • Unpacking from a move – In order to effectively maintain a 6-ft. social distance, we will generally start our unpacking work after your movers have completed theirs. 
  1. Clients 
    • Please confirm that everyone in your home is (feeling) healthy. 
    • Our preference is for the home to be vacant or just a single family member on-site. 
    • Our preference is that anyone in the home wear a mask and especially when interacting with our team. 
    • We always ask for your assistance to maintain 6-ft social distance. 
    • We ask that one bathroom in the home be cleaned and designated for use by our team. 
    • Social distancing rules by their very nature create a level of awkwardness, and we hope that by laying out these guidelines ahead of time, it will make it easier for everyone. 
    • While on-site, if our team feels that our social distancing and safety guidelines cannot be met, services may need to be modified or rescheduled.

Cheers to a healthy 2021!

Katy Burley, Professional Organizer & Closet Designer
Founder, Organized & Happy, LLC dba Organized by Burley

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