Donations to Local Charities

What sets Organized by Burley apart from other organizers, is her community focus and a goal to ask each client (you) if they would like to consign their high-end items and those earnings would be donated to the two local charities.


Developmental Disabilities Resource Center (DDRC) in Jefferson County, CO

Ms. Burley’s connection to DDRC stems from the deep love and admiration of her recently deceased father, Jack Stunkard who served on the DDRC Board of Directors for 40 years and from her dear brother, Steve Stunkard who has Cerebral Palsy and continues to receive services from DDRC’s vocational and recreation staff.

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DDRC Mission Statement

Read more about the DDRC and their history.

Mission Statement

Following the suicide of her younger sister in 2009, Ms. Burley and her three young nephews went to Judi’s House 10-week Pathfinders grief education program.

Currently, Ms. Burley pays it forward by volunteering weekly as a grief companion for the children who come to Judi’s House.

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