Are you searching for a professional organizer to transform your home or office?

If this sounds like you, Organized by Burley can help:

  • “I’m trying to sell my house and I need help staging it for photos.”
  • “I have so much clutter, and I have no idea where to start!”
  • “My kids keep me too busy, but I need to improve my productivity and organization so I can stay on top of everything.”
  • “We are down-sizing and I can’t imagine how I’ll make everything fit into a smaller home.”

Organized by Burley – Helps clients transform their cluttered spaces into streamlined spaces to increase joy and productivity.  Get organized and take control of  your space, so you can relax and enjoy it!

With years of visual merchandising and home décor experience, paired with a degree in psychology, Katy Burley is ready to help you reach your goals in a fun, efficient and no-shame manner.

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