Tuesday’s Tech Tip – Donate Your Smart Home Devices to Local Charities

you have to factory-reset a smart-home device before you donate it

Day 7 of the National Week of Procrastination – the Psychology of it all

why do people procrastinate? this Forbes.com article explores the psychology behind procrastination

Friday’s Facts – Clutter Addiction

#NAPOCares and #NAPO Professionals work with seniors to help them clear their clutter.

Friday’s Facts – The Cost of Storage

$38 billion is spent yearly on self-storage. Is that better spent on retirement savings?

Monday’s Mantra – the Clutter & Stress Connection

Messy homes and workspaces leave us anxious, helpless and overwhelmed…

GO Month! Get Organized – Statistics

35% who have already failed the new resolutions, admit their New Year’s Resolution goals were unrealistic…

A Snow Day = An Extra Day of Productivity!

Yes You Can!  Here in Denver it’s a SNOW DAY today.  I invite you to put down that cup of hot chocolate and focus on your fridge.  Especially because Thanksgiving is just two days away, this is an optimal time to organize and prep for…

NY Times article – He’s Never Going to put Away that Shirt

Here’s the thing about marriage. We commit to sticking together for richer or poorer, through sickness and health and during good times and bad, assuming that the tough times are the stress test. But what if it’s the opposite? What if the hard times bring out our best and make us focus on what’s important, while the danger zone is when we grow so complacent that we can afford to obsess over a neglected shirt for eight months?

Fibber McGee… Don’t look in the hall closet!

Does your hall closet look like this?
If so, you need to call me @ 303-883-2523 to schedule an appointment for some clutter-busting and re-imagining of your space.