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How Getting Organized Can Improve Your Mental Health – from NAMI

Courtesy of National Alliance on Mental Illness

If mental health challenges such as ADD, ADHD, OCD, Hoarding Disorder, Anxiety Disorders or Depression are a concern, it is best that you seek therapy from a mental health professional.

All of these mental health challenges may also be represented outwardly by how you organize your space. Whether or not you have a clinical diagnosis.

Getting Organized can Boost your Mental Health in the following ways:

  1. Reduces anxiety – Often, living or working in a disorganized can cause stress and anxiety.  By creating a more peaceful space and getting organized, your stress levels will be lowered.
  2. Lowers depression – Many times depressed feelings accompany the stress, anxiety, overwhelm and shame you may feel because of clutter and disorganization.  Getting organized and improving your environment can help to reduce depression.
  3. Improves time managementOnce organized, you will spent less time searching for items you cannot find.  This will give you more time to spend on higher priority tasks and doing things you enjoy.
  4. Lowers procrastinationIf everything is organized and has a place, you will be less likely to procrastinate.  Proper organization makes it easier to start a project.
  5. Increases ability to socializeDisorganization may cause you shame about your surroundings, and you may feel embarrassed to host parties or have visitors over.  After organizing, you will have the ability to host guests and visitors, improving your social connections.
  6. Boosts productivityClutter can be distracting.  Living and working in an uncluttered space can make it easier for your to focus.  You will be able to find and put away items more quickly, saving time and boosting productivity.
  7. Improves your relationships – Clutter and disorganization can create tension and conflict among family members and co-workers. An organized space can reduce arguments about clutter.

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