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Weekend Warriors – Tips for Shopping at Consignment Stores

Secondhand Decorating from consignment stores is a great way to discard your home goods and find good deals in return.

Here are some helpful hints from Marthe LeVan, author of Shelf Expression for making your hunt to timeworn treasures a pleasant experience.

Before You Go:

  1. Call ahead to the store to ask about particular items you need/want in your space.
  2. Bring your own shopping bag(s) or boxes to move items.
  3. Pack a tape measure, notebook, and pen and measurements of your space.
  4. Be prepared to pay for your purchases with cash.

Market Tips:

  1. Arrive early for the best selection and the genuine bargains. 
  2. Poke around the displays, looking behind, inside, and under other merchandise.
  3. Remember to think of creative and unexpected ways to use intriguing items.  Secondhand objects have more character!

For more tips and ideas from Marthe Le Van’s book,


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