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Weekend Warrior – Plan a Perfect Nursery


InspirationHey Weekend Warrior!  Are you expecting a baby?  If so, this weekend’s task it to get the Nursery ready!

Organizing a nursery begins a little differently than many other rooms – your first focus is on safety, then ease of use, and finally, a decorating scheme.

Think SafetyBaby-proofing is of primary importance, and the process will change as your child grows

Consulting a professional is optimal, but you can get a head start by kneeling down to your child’s level to find any sharp edges that need to be padded.  Anchor all large furniture in place, and install child-proof latches and baby gates where needed.

Install Utility Lighting — A variety of lighting options will come in handy.  Install a dimmer switch so you’re less likely to disturb a sleeping child when you check in at night. 

Make sure there is ample lighting near rocking chairs and changing tables, and always make sure cords are out of reach for the little ones.

Storage Options — Large drawer and baskets can take it easy to misplace tiny items. 

Look for drawer organizers and bins which take clothing sizes into consideration.

Be Practical — When decorating, chose bedding and window coverings first, and adjust paint colors and accessories to suit.

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