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Rock Your Road Trips!

Road trips with the family – however large or small – can be a lot of FUN, or a lot of stress, and sometimes both.

Equip your car to assist you in all aspects of long car rides.  (You packed the emergency kit, right?)

Here are 4-Tips to make your Road Trip ROCK:

  1. LISTEN UP — Audio-books and Podcasts are a wonderful form of entertainment that everyone in the car can enjoy (even the driver).  Check out a few from the library and give them a test run to see which titles and narrators hold everyone’s interest.
  2. GRAB A CADDY — Shower caddies and plastic totes can serve as perfect, portable meal containers – either while munching on homemade sandwiches or after a drive-thru pit stop.
  3. ROLL THE DICE — If backseat board games or dice games are happening, pop the dice into a tiny, clear container.  They’ll never get lost between the seats again.
  4. HANG UP — Cut a shoe organizer down to size, run a piece of twine through the hook, and pop it over the front seat.  Your backseat passengers will have more storage than you do.
  5. MAP IT OUT — Print the map and directions to your destination in case you lose your phone reception or power.

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