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Dining Room organization – A Detailed Process

Earlier this week, I shared a “quick process” – today, I offer you a 4-Step “detailed process” to organize your Dining Room

  1. PrepareCreate area for four piles or baskets and sort your Dining Room items into Keep-Donate-Trash/Recycle-Other Room.
  2. Sort — Go through everything on the table and hutch/buffet, and in all the drawers, and shelves.  Place each item into the appropriate basket, purge as much clutter as you canIf you have sixteen candlesticks and haven’t lit a taper candle in years, you can probably give those up.  Then, place the baskets in another room until you are ready to reorganize.
  3. Clean — The Dining Room should now be empty of everything but the furniture.  It’s time to give it a DEEP cleaning!  Scrub/polish the floors, table, chairs, baseboards/walls, mirrors, windows and so forth.
  4. Organize — Now it’s time to dig into your “Keep” basket and sort it out.  Sort by category and then put items away in drawers and smaller baskets, on shelves or in display cases.  Here are a few categories you could use to sort your entertaining items: Seasonal linens, Beverage service, Tablecloths, Placemats, Napkins and napkin rings, Candles/Candlesticks.

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