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A Snow Day = An Extra Day of Productivity!

Yes You Can! 

A peek inside your refrigerator organization

Here in Denver it’s a SNOW DAY today.  I invite you to put down that cup of hot chocolate and focus on your fridge. 

Especially because Thanksgiving is just two days away, this is an optimal time to organize and prep for visitors.

A clean kitchen just isn’t complete without giving your refrigerator a good once-over. 

It’s easy, takes less than an hour, and looks fabulous once you’re done!

STEP ONE – Remove all drawers and shelves.  Scrub them clean with a mild soap and water, then replace.

STEP TWO – Place washable lining on the shelves and in the drawers.  It’s stylish and, most importantly, meant to absorb spills.  Replace this lining about every six months.

STEP THREE – Use organizing bins on the shelves. They’re great for grouping “like” items, preventing leftovers from getting lost in the back, and keeping kids’ school lunches or snacks handy.

STEP FOUR – Gather your condiments together in one bin.

STEP FIVE – Use containers inside the drawers to keep items like cheeses organized.  When it’s time to figure out what you need at the store, it only takes a quick glance to write down your shopping list.

STEP SIX – Take photos of your success and then share them on our Organized by Burley Facebook page

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