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Day 2 of 14-day Kitchen Challenge: CLEAN OUT YOUR SPICES

Spices are the soul of any home-cooked meal, and having them easily accessible makes cooking that much more fun.

Today, create an organized spice station near your cooking area to store your spices, oils, and mixes.
Remember, that the key is functional organizing, so you will want this space to be near your oven.  It’s time to toss out those ten-year-old spices and replenish them with fresh, new jars.

4-steps to Clean out your spices:
1. REMOVE all the spices and condiments from your cabinets, pantry, and drawers so you can take inventory of what you have. Throw out all expired items – the flavor won’t last.
2. CATEGORIZE by size and type of item (cooking oils, cooking spices, baking spices, mixes, etc.)
3. ORGANIZE and stack your remaining jars on spice shelves, in drawers, or on lazy-susans, or section them into baskets as best suits your space. BONUS: Alphabetize your spices if it helps you find spices more easily.
4. DESIGNATE a space near your oven where you can keep oils, vinegars, and other commonly used items.

Three Tier Spice Rack
Spice labels and Jars
Lazy Susan

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