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Day 9 of 14-day Kitchen Challenge – Mind Your Meds & Vitamins

Proper medication and vitamin storage is very important, especially if you have children.  When storing these items, be sure to keep them away from extreme temperatures – hot OR cold.

Don’t store them in the bathroom medicine cabinet-it’s actually the worst place, due to temperature and moisture.  A kitchen cabinet, or pantry door, away from the oven is good.

Here’s what to do:
1. LABEL — Gather several containers and label each by category: Children’s medications, Fever/Pain, First Aid (bandages, ointment, wound cleaner), Splints/Wraps, Eyes/Ears/Nose/Skin, Allergy & Bug Bites, Bowels & Belly, Vitamins, Prescription Medicine (per person).

2. PURGE — Check all expiration dates and purge expired items before organizing them into the containers.

3. STORE — Leave vitamins and medicine in their original containers. Some supplements lose their effectiveness when exposed to light, for example, which is the reason for their dark-colored plastic containers. AVOID combining your vitamins with other supplements.

4. CHECK — Before you flush expired products down the toilet, please research the FDA website to learn how to dispose of them properly!

Divided Lazy Susan, Elfa Door Organizer, Storage Bins and a pill organizer

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