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TGIF — Who’s Ready for Some Cocktails?!

CREATE A HOMEMADE COCKTAIL BAR — While I realize that cocktails aren’t really part of Michelle Obama’s food plan, it seems like most parties gather in the kitchen, am I right?

By investing in a few essential tools, spirits, mixers and glasses, you’ll be able to jazz up your nights with dozens of cocktails at your fingertips.

Don’t want to purchase everything all at once?  Begin with ingredients from your favorite drink(s) and go from there.

TOOLS OF THE TRADE — Recipe book, shaker, strainer, and jigger

SPIRITS — Vodka, Tequila, Rum, Whiskey, Gin, Bourbon

MIXERS — Bitters, Cocktail syrup, Tonic water and Soda, Dry & Sweet vermouth, Fruit juices

OTHER ESSENTIALS — Sugar cubes, Cocktail skewers, Cutting board & knife

GLASSES (6 of each) — Short (lowball), High (tallboy), Stem or Stemless glasses (wine, champagne, martini) and shot glasses.


Crate&Barrel glassware and tools, trust me!  Kick it up a notch for your COVID-19 home-stay!


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