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Earth Day – 50th Anniversary Countdown

This American holiday had a strong start when 20 million Americans celebrated the first Earth Day in 1970

It has since grown, and has been celebrated in more than 192 countries by over one billion civic-minded supporters.

The Earth Day movement drove the creation of the EPA. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was approved by President Richard Nixon in 1970 as a result of the Earth Day movement. Legislation on clean air, clean water, toxic substances, and endangered species were passed, too.

Everyone can participate in Earth Day. 

People of all ages can celebrate by marching (at a social distance), planting trees, cleaning up their communities, and reducing waste in their own homes (or even try zero waste) with smart Earth Day tips. 

Proactive corporations and governments often use Earth Day to announce sustainability measures and pledges to support the environment.

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