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Father’s Day Prep — Garage Donations

Create a Goodbye Station — Set up a donation or goodbye station in your garage for any items form your home that are on their way out.  This will keep you keep track of these items, and remind you to take them to their assigned new (or old) homes. 

Garage Donation Station

Separate them by category (see picture):

  • Donate:  Any items you are donating to charity
  • Return:  Any store-bought items that need to be returned-make it a mission to return them ALL within a week!  And remember the receipt(s) too!
  • Sell:  Anything that you will be selling in your upcoming garage sale.
  • Borrowed:  Items that you’ve borrowed and need to return to their rightful owner.

Get that STUFF outta there, and enjoy your newly reclaimed and organized garage!

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