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4-Steps to Keep the Car Tidy

Maintaining a clean car can seem impossible when we have long commutes, busy days – or, kids!

But here are a few systems you can put in place to help keep the car tidy.

  1. Add a trash can — Use an extra grocery bag to the inside of a large plastic cereal container with a lid.   The lid prevents trash from spilling out and making messes, and it’s way better than trash being spread across the entirety of the backseat.  Empty the bag every evening.
  2. Empty the car out — The #1 way to keep the car tidy is to empty it out completely every evening.  Make it part of the routine for the WHOLE family, and teach the kids to be responsible for removing their own things.
  3. Eliminate Unnecessary Clutter — Take inventory of everything that’s being kept in the car full-time.  Is it all being used?  Remove anything that isn’t a functional part of traveling.  By removing excess items, the car will stay tidy.
  4. Vacuum & Wash — There’s nothing better than a sparkly clean car.  Take PRIDE in it – you spent a pretty penny on it!  Cleaning your car is no different than cleaning your house, so keep it looking good.

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