Monday Mantra – Conquer the Clutter

The living room is one of he hardest spaces to keep form getting cluttered, since it’s where everyone goes to relax.

It’s as if the room is begging you to clutter it up.  But you CAN fight back with three Monday Mantras:

  • Put it Back — My cousin’s house has a “no toys left in the living room” rule, and they know to bring their things back to the playroom.
  • Group Like with LikeGroup similar items into categories (TV remotes, magazines, blankets, etc) and store them together in a basket, bin, or on a tray.
  • Take a Moment — Whenever you walk into or out of your living room, take a moment to notice if anything’s out of place and, if it’s easy to fix, JUST DO IT right then and there, while you’re thinking about it.  That means folding the blanket and stashing it in a basket, re-shelving books, taking your teacup back to the kitchen, and otherwise keeping chaos at bay, one step at a time.

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