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Weekend Warrior – Tackle Your (Master) Closet in 4-Steps

Once your bedroom is clean (earlier in this week’s blog) and organized, it’s time to tackle your (master) closet.  Here, our 4-Step process is the same that we’ve previously used.  Prepare + Sort/Purge + Clean + Organize

Prepare — Gather four baskets/bins or create a floor area with “Keep” “Trash” “Donate” and “Other Room”

Sort and Purge — Take everything out of the closet and sort items into one of the above categories

REALLY evaluate each items of clothing, as well as bags, coats and shoes  if you keep them in this closet. 

If you do NOT wear it, or it doesn’t fit anymore, or you “meant to mend it awhile ago” and if you’re hanging onto items for sentimental reasons, know that someone else might need/appreciate it much more than you.   Go ahead and put it into the “Donate” bin.  You’ll de-clutter your closet and make a future recipient happy!

Clean — Once the closet is empty, down to the bare floor, walls and built-in fixtures, THEN do a deep-clean:  Vacuum/mop the floor, clean/wipe down the door and door knobs, and wipe down the shelves and other storage spaces.

Organize — YAHOO!  The best part, and final step

Hang your clothes in sections:  Short-sleeve tops, long-sleeve tops, pants, skirts, dresses, and so on.  BONUS points for color-coding in the ROYGBIV (rainbow-style). 

Organize your shoes too!  If you have a really tiny closet, look into multi-tier hangers and organize those by category:  Dressy tops, Casual tops, etc.

When you’ve tackled your (master) closet, please upload and SHARE it here, or with your friends on social media too.

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