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10 Simple Steps for a Clean and Clutter free bathroom.

10 Simple Steps for a Clean and Clutter free bathroom.

Second only to the kitchen, the master bathroom is probably one of the biggest areas of clutter accumulation, and one of the most challenging area to keep clean.

An organized master bathroom can diminish stress and help you in a variety of ways. From more efficient mornings to better hygiene, skin area and general health, having an organized master bathroom is key. Just like a command center for your home, your master bathroom is a command center for your body and beauty.

Let’s assess the current situation: What products do you use daily? Weekly? Are you utilizing storage space efficiently?

Here are 10 Simple Steps for a Clean and Clutter free bathroom.

  1. Take a “before” picture of your space.
  2. Remove all items from drawers, under-sink cabinets, vanity and other areas to sort and declutter. Put away items that do not belong in the bathroom.
  3. KEEP items that you use regularly and that work for you.
  4. Do NOT keep items that are expired, leaking or in broken containers. Discard items you haven’t used in over six months.
  5. Sanitize all surfaces, insides of drawers, cabinets and shower surfaces.
  6. Create functional areas in your drawers and cabinets by keeping like items together. Use drawer dividers or containers to house smaller items in drawers. Organize large bottles in containers with drainage for storage under the sink. Separate your travel-sized items into baggies and label them with markers. Toilet paper, feminine hygiene items and other products can also be stored under the sink in a container.
  7. Organize your shower and bath products into a drainable caddy.
  8. Hang a squeegee in your shower and a small bottle of cleaning spray for quick cleaning after each use.
  9. Immediately sell or donate unwanted/unused items.
  10. Please take an “after” photo and share it on Facebook or Instagram tagging @organizedbyburley.
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