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Organizing your Bedroom closets and drawers

Organizing your Bedroom closets and drawers

As a closet designer and professional organizer, I have seen that closets vary greatly in shapes, sized and storage solutions. No matter the space, having a closet that is easily accessible, clean and organized AND beautiful is key; I think your style and sense of self will benefit from having a great closet!

Not only does proper closet storage make it easier to feel and look great, but it truly prolongs the life of your clothing because closet organization means your clothing is not stretched, smashed and wrinkled, or tossed on the floor. You WILL get more wear out of your outfits and they will last longer when they are stored neatly, with plenty of space.

Ask yourself some questions:

What items need repair, are stained, snagged or show signs of wear? What accessories need to be stored in your closet, and do you have the proper containers to do so? Does your clothing flatter you and is it currently in style? Have you worn it within the last 6-12 months? This may require you to try on items, one at a time.

Today’s Checklist for an Organized Closet:

  1. For fun, take a “before” photo.
  2. Remove and put away items that belong in other rooms.
  3. Sort your hanging and folded clothing into three piles:
    • Keep: KEEP items that fit, flatter and make you feel great. Only keep items that are in excellent condition and are part of an outfit or “go” with other items you will wear.
    • Donate: Do NOT keep clothing out of guilt that you don’t fit into it anymore or regret buying, are stained or cannot be quickly pressed or repaired. Discard trendy at the time, but are now painfully out of style items.
    • Maybe.
  4. Dust, vacuum, and clean all surfaces.
  5. Return clothing to your closet and drawer space, hanging clothing by type, length and color.
  6. Create or purchase functional storage space for accessories, and label the containers.
  7. Immediately sell or donate unwanted items.
  8. Finally, take an “After” photo to compare it to your “Before” picture and if you feel proud – please share with me on Instagram or Facebook, or here on the blog as a comment.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you need help or some free tips for your project!

I also offer help as a Closet Designer. Please let me know if I can help you out in any way and also be sure to try out The Container Store’s online Closet designer tool. They have a 30% off sale at the moment on closet solutions!

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