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Father’s Day Prep — Overhaul the Garage

Elfa Shelves and Weather-tight totes @TheContainerStore

The garage — or any utility space — can become a storage ground for clutter that isn’t even yours!  If you’re human, your garage is probably a mess — or you’ve worked hard to change it. 

Here are some ideas for organizational systems in this space — they may not work for every space, but try a few and find what suits your usage level.

  • Install shelvingInterMetro or Elfa shelving are my go-to for garage organization.  Keep floors clear of clutter by installing vertical shelving systems or building your own.  Choose from metal, wood, or plastic, but if you live in a humid area and your garage isn’t insulated, watch out for the moisture that wood can absorb.
  • Build drawersCommonly used items such as batteries, trash bags, and outdoor toys should remain easily accessible.  Upcycle an old dresser and place clear shoe boxes in the drawers, or install a drawer unit for handy storage.
  • Utilize the Ceiling — The ceiling is wasted space that most people don’t think about incorporating into their garage storage.  Hang bikes from utility hooks or add shelving over the garage door to store holiday decorations.
  • ContainerizeLarge weather-tight totes fit well on most shelving units and can hold many hings.  Small containers are great for items sch as rolls of tape, flashlights, tape measures, and other small tools.  Categorize and containerize to keep your garage tidy.  
  • Label everything — Take your organization to the next level and label ALL containers, big and small.  Use a label maker, hanging ties, chalkboard paint, or whatever your preferred system might be.  Labeling alleviates the need to search box after box to find what you’re looking for.  This can be especially useful in the garage, where things can go to live (or die) for a long time before they’re sought after again.  Right?
  • Update flooring — Complete your garage overhaul by giving the floor a fresh coat of paint.  Home improvement stores carry DIY garage floor painting kits so you can tackle it yourself – or make it snappy and call in a professional.  That extra touch could be a GREAT Father’s Day gift idea.

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