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5-Days of Home Office Organization – Day 1 Set the Stage

(Home) Office spaces can be challenging, and I’m not talking about your co-workers here.

Purging and then organizing can mean sorting through a lot of paperwork, but the effort pays off BIG time. 

If you don’t have an OFFICE per se, go ahead and tackle the AREA where you keep your paperwork, files, important documents, mail and other papers.

6 Steps to Set the Stage for Office Success:

  1. SORT all of your paperwork into piles designated as Shred, File, Trash or Another space.  You are not organizing now – just sorting your papers.
  2. Move through the rest of your office/space and REMOVE anything that is NOT office related.
  3. Now that your desk/surface area is empty – DEEP Clean everything.  Bookshelves, doorknobs, light fixtures, windows and re-acquaint yourself with the actual color of your desk/surface.
  4. SCAN anything you do not need a paper copy of, SHRED after you scan, then FILE the remainder of your papers.  50% should be gone by now.
  5. ORGANIZE – Create an IN-OUT-PENDING box or Mail box to keep incoming paper from overwhelming your desk/surface again.
  6. RELAX – and enjoy your success, and relish the feeling of having an organized (home) office space.

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