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5-Days of Home Office Organization – Day 2 Paper Management

Paper clutter is the #1 culprit in a messy home/office.  Take control of incoming paper with a DAILY systematic process.

How to Control Your Paper Clutter:

  1. JUNK MAIL – It’s called junk for a reason.  Immediately recycle or shred any junk mail.
  2. BILLS – Pay them now, or place them in a bill organizer/calendar.
  3. MAGAZINES/NEWSPAPERS – Keep the most current in your home.  Read the daily news, then place it in your recycling basket.  If you don’t have time to read it, recycle it anyway – it will be old news tomorrow.  Once a new magazine arrives, recycle the last edition.
  4. SCHOOL/HOMEWORK – If you have kids, take five minutes when they get home to go through their backpacks and find the important school papers.  Respond to any items that need attention, recycle any trash, and file “precious artwork” – then get those kiddos working on their homework.
  5. ACTION ITEMS – Anything that needs your attention or a timely response (bills, weddings, birthday parties, etc) goes into an action folder.  1-2x/week review this folder and take action.
  6. SHARE – Please communicate this system to everyone in your household, so all incoming papers have a “home” and are not lost.
Does your home/office look like this?


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