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How to Organize Your Digital Photos

How to Organize Your Digital Photos

Believe it or not, but in the last six months, the number of photos taken by the human race has actually doubled! This is an amazing statistic. With the advent of social media and digital photography, it’s time to rethinking how we archive and store our photos. The problem of yesterday – how to archive paper photos in acid-free storage – is nearly extinct Now, the problem is how to label and sort through digital files of photographs in a way that makes them accessible so they can be shared and enjoyed.

Today’s Goal: Organize files of both film and digital photography

  1. Take a “before” photo. (Ironic, eh?)
  2. Gather all your print photos and organize into piles by year.
  3. Toss any that aren’t good, then sort the rest into stackable acid-free photo boxes.

How to Organize Your Digital Photos:

  1. Upload any photos that are on your phone or camera onto your computer
  2. Keep only the best photos
  3. Organize onto an online photo storage program
  4. Rename files in a consistent and logical manner by date and event
  5. Scan, name and archive your film photographs, starting with the oldest first.
  6. Or, you can hire a professional organizer who specializes in photo organizing. I’m happy to share referrals with you.
  7. Take an “after” photo and share it in your Stories, tagging organizedbyburley so that I can see your results.

Remember to comment and ask me any questions you have regarding this task or organizing in general.

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