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How to organize your laundry Room

How to organize your laundry Room

Laundry Room and Linen Closet Goals

As I work with my Organized By Burley clientele, I’ve discovered that linen closets and laundry rooms can be an elusive space. Some older homes simply have a hallway cupboard, washer and dryer in the garage, or nothing at all, while newer homes offer walk-in linen closets and large utility rooms full of space. Some linen closets may do double-duty as storage for vacuum, laundry and cleaning items, while others are dedicated to simply linens.

Today’s Goal: A fresh, neat area to do laundry, store sheets, towels and a “pantry” for cleaning and bathroom supplies.

  1. Take a “before” photo.
  2. Remove all items from drawers, under-sink cabinets, cupboards, closets and other areas to sort and #Declutter.
  3. Toss or donate unwanted items.
  4. Dust, sweep, vacuum and clean all surfaces.
  5. Keep only linens, laundry and cleaning products that:
    • Are used regularly and in GOOD condition.
  6. Do NOT keep items that:
    • Are expired, leaking or in broken containers.
    • You no longer use or didn’t fit your needs.
    • You haven’t used in over a year.
    • Are worn, threadbare, or full of holes.
  7. Create functional storage areas in drawers and cabinets. Use lidded clear plastic containers to house smaller items in drawers. Organize larger bottles in plastic crates with drainage for storage under the sink.
  8. Keep only two sets of sheets per bed; replace worn linens if necessary.
  9. Keep three bath towels, three hand towels and three washcloths per family member. Reserve a few old towels to use as cleaning rags, otherwise toss old of worn towels.
  10. Label your shelves, drawers or storage containers so everyone in the family knows (and can help you) where to put items away.
  11. Please share your “before/after” photos of how your project went for you in your stories on Instagram tagging me with @organizedbyburley or on facebook @organizedburley. I’d love to see your results and answer any questions that you might have!
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