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How To Sync Your Address Book

How To Sync Your Address Book

The joy of sending and receiving mail is a tradition that should not be undervalued or lost. Sending a birthday card, thank you note or other message in the mail is still a very thoughtful gesture. As such, it is vital to have your address book in order.

Yesterday we talked about how to maintain and organize your calendar, and the logical continuation to that is to organize the address book.

Today’s goal: An updated and accessible address book that you maintain with complete contact information and birthdates, anniversaries, etc.

How to complete today’s goal:

  1. Gather your contacts. Collect all of your current contact informtion from your various sources, such as Outlook, Google, Facebook, stacks of business cards, and paper address book.
  2. Take a “before” photo.
  3. Merge your lists. Transcribe or transfer all contact information to ONE source, such as an Excel spreadsheet, saving/printing it frequently and in a backup location.
  4. Make a list of addresses that need research or additional contact information that needs to be update. Remember those birthdays, anniversaries and important milestones.
  5. Reach out – The holidays are a perfect time to reach out to some of those you’ve lost contact with and research their information.
  6. Maintain – Commit to updating the information regularly.
  7. Take an “after” photo and share in your stories tagging Organized By Burley’s Instagram or Facebook.

Tomorrow we will talk about how to organize a “Command Center” in your home or work space.

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