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Day 5 of 14-day Kitchen Challenge: DESIGN A BAKING STATION

Do you have a certain area in our kitchen where you whip together delicious cookies or homemade bread? Keeping all of your ingredients within arm’s reach of your preparation area will make you feel like a gourmet pastry chef.

4 Steps to Design a Baking Station:
1. Pull out all of your baking ingredients and check the expiration dates.
2. Make a list of missing ingredients and go shopping for needed items. (See baking cabinet basics list below)
3. Clean and line the kitchen cabinet, shelf, or drawer that will be used as your baking station.
4. Label your containers and stock your new space.

You can use any type of container to create an organized baking space, I purchased OXO or ProBaker containers at The Container Store.
Another idea is mason jars. Your favorite mixing bowls should also find their way to your new baking station.

Labels, OXO containers, Baking sheets, Mixing bowls, Kitchen Drawer liners


LARGE CONTAINERS – All-purpose flour, Powdered sugar, Old-fashioned Oats, Granulated Sugar

MEDIUM CONTAINERS – Light/Dark Brown Sugar, Chocolate chips, Bisquick mix

SMALL CONTAINERS – Cocoa powder, Raisins, Baking Chocolate bars, Baking powder, Baking Soda, Cookie cutters, Cornstarch

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    1. Katy says:

      Hi Sandy! Thank you for your positive feedback! Do you have photographs of any of your finished projects to share? If so, please post them on the Organized by Burley Facebook page.

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