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Day 6 of 14-day Kitchen Challenge: COFFEE or TEA STATION

If you’re a coffee or tea lover, it’s quite easy to save yourself both time and money by creating a mini coffee shop right in your very own kitchen!  Find a spot, either on your countertop, your hutch or on a tray, and start gathering your favorite drinks and supplies.  It’s easy and the rewards are fabulous. 


Tea or Coffee Pot – This will serve as the focal point for this project

Mugs and Cups – Keep your most-cherished/used mugs handy (donate the others).  Put them on a pretty tray to add some flair.

Coffee and Tea – If your machine doesn’t store coffee beans, keep your grounds, beans, or K-cups in a large sealable jar at your coffee station.  Tea often comes in pretty packages that look great when displayed, so don’t worry about having to hide anything.

Condiments – Finding unique vessels to keep your sugar, cream and honey in will make every day feel special.  Look for matching condiment sets online.

Syrups – Now it’s tine to stock your station with yumminess. You can easily order inexpensive coffee and syrups online and feel like a full-fledged barista.  Keeping them on a tray will make them handy to use and easy to move when you entertain, or need extra counter space.

Stir spoons – Find some wooden disposable sticks to keep on hand, or stock a mason jar with washable spoons.


Tea display, Sealable jar, Lacquered tray, Celestial Seasonings tea, Condiments sets, Syrups

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