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Day 7 of 14-day Kitchen Challenge: YOUR FAVORITE RECIPES

CREATE A RECIPE BINDER – With the internet at our fingertips these days, people are using cookbooks much less than they once did. Many of my friends have a family recipe binder that has become an heirloom piece, full of recipes that they’ve raised their children and will be enjoyed for years to come.  Please SHARE photos of your completed binder!

Here’s how to create your own recipe binder in about 30 minutes:
SUPPLIES – Academic 3-ring binder, Printer/paper, Page protectors, Tabs, Labels, Pencil pouch for small recipe cards
CATEGORIZE – Create category tabs using adhesive office tabs, a label maker, or your computer. Print the tabs out on cardstock, then cut to size.

Categories may include:
– Appetizers, Bread, Soup, Salad, Meat, Vegetarian, Slow Cooker, Breakfast, Dessert, Pasta, Casseroles, Holidays, Grilling, Juices/Smoothies

ASSEMBLE THE BINDER – Place about ten page protectors between each category divider. Snip/collect your favorite recipes and slide them into the page.
FINISHING TOUCHES – Design a cover and place it in the front of the binder and/or spine. Add your family name for a special touch.

Colorful binder, Sheet protectors, Tabs, Label maker

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