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Day 11 of 14-Day Kitchen Challenge — Snack Time!

Whether you’re driving to the office, going to the park with your kids, or planning to run errands all day, you don’t want to find yourself empty-handed in the snack department.  To avoid those nasty hunger pangs, it’s all about implementing a plan of (snack) attack.

  1. Think healthy
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Stash your nibbles
  4. Keep a list of snack ideas that everyone likes — Here are a few of my favorites —  Nuts, Dried fruit, Fresh fruit or veggies and dips, Yogurt or cheese, Dark chocolate, Air-popped popcorn, healthy crackers or chips, Granola or protein bars.


Re-usable snack bags, Omaha stacking baskets, Variety of To-Go containers

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