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Day 12 of 14-Day Kitchen Challenge — Organize Your Pantry

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Inspirational Quote
Elsie de Wolfe

As a professional organizer, I’m constantly working on organizational systems with my clients. 

Using a few containers, baskets, and bins, you can break down your own pantry organization into categories and make the space work better for you and your family.

Start by categorizing the space and the items going into it.  Like most people, chances are, you’ve got a lot of food taking up a lot of space.  Using the groupings below, really helps sort out this magnet-for-madness in every home:

BASIC PANTRY CATEGORIES: Baking supplies (this is for cases in which you don’t have or need a baking station), Bulk items (rice, beans, nuts, cereal), Canned food, Pasta & Pasta sauces, Chocolate & Desserts, Prepackaged food, Snacks, Drinks

THINK ABOUT STORAGE: There are several methods for organizing food in your pantry, including clear containers, baskets, and plastic bins.  With each client, I mix it up and use all of the above.

-Clear containers — Available in all shapes and sizes, and they offer an easy glance at your inventory

-Baskets — Woven baskets are effective and pretty, but I don’t recommend them for everything.  Ideally, the basket protects your bags of chips, or large quantities of the same item. 

-Plastic bins — Colorful bins are great for storing reusable food containers and their lids.  You can also use different colors to separate categories (or kids) and make daily organizing a breeze.

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