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Letting Go of Books and Magazines

Letting Go of Books and Magazines

I don’t know about you, but even in the age of eBooks and the Internet, I still have not outgrown books. I love turning pages, turning down pages and even the smell and texture of the paper. For some, this book love makes it difficult to part with books, or like me, if you’ve packed, moved and HAULED books fifteen times or more – you quickly find a local library, Church or shelter to make donations!

Magazines and other periodicals can also be clutter magnets. Digital magazine subscriptions can really cut back on the clutter. Start a magazine exchange with a few of your girlfriends who have similar tastes or donate extras to a homeless shelter or jail facility. Unless you truly reference scholarly journals or instructional magazines, most things can be found online or at a local library and there is NO reason to save periodicals beyond their month/date. If needed, tear it out, scan it and save it digitally to eliminate paper clutter.

Todays’ Goal: A collection of books and magazines that you enjoy reading, stored in a functional and organized space.

Simple Steps to Achieve This Goal:

  1. Please take a “before” picture of your piles of periodicals and books
  2. Toss or recycle any printed materials you no longer wish to read.
  3. #Declutter books by gathering them all together and deciding to keep only the books you or a family member plan to read again, books in good shape, or books you absolutely love and want to display
  4. #Donate unwanted books to a tiny corner library, a local library or even a Thrift Store
  5. Create a functional storage area for your remaining books, magazines or professional periodicals. Sort them in a way that makes sense, makes them easy to access and then label those shelves and bins.
  6. Do you want some feedback on your process? Tag me @organizedbyburley on instagram.

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