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How to organize your paper mail

How to organize your paper mail

Taming Your Piles of Mail

Yes. It seems like today’s goal is similar to yesterday’s goal, like a cousin. However, as an adult, you’ve learned that mail is more time sensitive than your latest People magazine, yes?!

So, today’s goal is a simple one.

Time needed: 1 hour

Create an easy-to-follow system that ensures all mail is dealt with in a timely manner

  1. Gather all of your mail paperclutter and take a “before” photo.

    white printer paper on brown wooden table

  2. Sort and toss/shred/recycle your junk mail, especially your address.

    woman in black and pink zip up jacket standing and smiling

  3. Call and unsubscribe from catalogs you receive.

    woman holding yellow rotary telephone

  4. Eliminate your junk mail.

    Click this link to eliminate your junk mail in six easy steps.pile of paper garbages

  5. Select one location, and one day per week when your mail will be opened and bills paid.

    Is that in your newly organized Home Base – or is this in your office? Either way, on that day, be sure to:
    OPEN all mail, respond to all mail that requires a response.
    PAY all bills and invoices.
    Add DUE dates to your calendar (digital or paper) so nothing slips through the cracks.person holding notepad and pen flat lay photography

  6. Do you want some feedback on your process?

    Tag me @organizedbyburley on Instagram.

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