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Organize your craft supplies

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One of the key factors to organizing a craft area, whatever that space may be in your home, is knowing when to say “enough is enough!”

Perhaps you’ve tried a new craft such as knitting during COVID-19 as a respite from daily life? Unfortunately, craft supplies for these creative hobbies can be small, easily scattered, hard to organize, or strangely shaped and difficult to store. Some clients are craft addicts and tend to purchase truckloads of tools, supplies and items for each new craft.

It can be hard to part with craft supplies and tools because many are pricy and there is some guilty or a ‘never give up” mentality. Give yourself permission to let it GO!

Once you’ve let go, focus on the crafts that you truly love and feel good doing. Organize your supplies and let your creativity flow. You’ll be surprised at how free you will feel once you give yourself permission to create (more) things you are proud of.

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