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Tips for organizing your email

organize your email

For most of this “Kick Start Your 2021” with a 31-day challenge to tackle spaces in your home. Today’s task is electronic… Your dreaded email IN-box.

Working from home is difficult for many reasons, but one of them people have seen is an increase in Email vs. personal conversations or meetings. And even more CYA email. Can I hear an AMEN?!

Nothing brings you thudding back to reality after the holidays and in January quite like having to deal with the hundreds of unread emails in your inbox. But, say experts, there are tricks for taming the beast.

⭐️ Keep your auto-replies turned ON until you’re on top of things;

⭐️ Switch to “offline” to avoid new emails coming through while you’re still dealing with the old ones;

⭐️ Sort by people, rather than date, to get to the most important messages first.

⭐️ Triage your emails into what you need to deal with, delegate or defer — and don’t hesitate to delete, delete, delete.

What tips do you use to keep your personal and professional Email in check? Please share them here, so we can all benefit from experience.

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