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Organize your Medicine Cabinet

Organize your Medicine Cabinet

The term medicine cabinet, at least in the bathroom, is a mis-nomer. A bathroom is actually one of the worst places to store medication, as heat and moisture can be an enemy to pills, vitamins, and over-the-counter products. Instead, choose a cabinet in another area of your home: preferably a dry, temperature-controlled, kid-proof pantry shelf or separate cupboard.

As always, paring down the items to what you TRULY need helps. Always check expiration dates and NEVER buy more than you will use in that time – even with a coupon.

Today’s Goal: An organized and easily accessible medicine cabinet.

Assess the current situation: What items are used most frequently? What items are used only once in a while? Is your medicine cabinet dry and in a safe location? Are you utilizing the space efficiently?

Steps to Accomplish Today’s Goal:

  1. Take a “before” photo
  2. Remove and put away any items that belong in other rooms.
  3. Sort and #Declutter Remove the items from your medicine cabinet and assess each one.

Keep these items:

  • Are used by your family, both regularly and as-needed
  • Are UN-expired and still are effective

Do NOT keep items that:

  • Are expired, leaking or in a broken container
  • You no longer use, or didn’t fit your needs
  • Empty boxes of items that need to be replaced

4. Clean. Wipe out the inside of your medicine cabinet and line the shelves with pretty paper, or a basic clear liner for easy clean-ups.

5. Return items to cabinet. Organize like-items by shelf (daily, vitamins, kids’ medications, your prescriptions, flu/cold relief, etc.) Put frequently used items at eye-level for easy access. Be SURE your cabinet is kid-proof, especially if you have little ones (or pets).

6. Dispose. Bag and drop off expired and unused medications as a local drop-off point.

7. Please share your “before/after” photos of how your project went for you in your stories on Instagram tagging me with @organizedbyburley or on facebook @organizedburley. I’d love to see your results and answer any questions that you might have!

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