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Organizing Your Primary bedroom space

Organizing Your Primary bedroom space

Is your bedroom a sanctuary? If not, it should be.

Most sleep experts recommend that your bedroom should be primarily for sleeping or relaxing. The room should be cool, calming and inviting. Ensuring your bedroom is a place where you (and your partner) can connect, relax and find solace and peace from the outside world is vital.

Take a look at your bedroom, and then ask yourself these questions: What items can be removed from the bedroom and stored elsewhere? How many items are on your nightstand? What are your electronic, fan and lighting situations in the bedroom and how can these be improved?

If today’s how-to list looks familiar, that’s good. By now, I’m hoping you feel well-practiced and confident in your own organizing skills.

  1. Take a “before” photo (even if you won’t share it with me here).
  2. Declutter – Remove and put away any items that do not help you sleep, or feel relaxed in your bedroom.
  3. Dust, vacuum and clean all surfaces before returning items to the bedroom.
    • KEEP only items that pertain to sleep and bedtime; are soothing and relaxing; are currently useful and in working order AND that you absolutely love and want to display.
    • REMOVE items that should be stored elsewhere, interfere with your sleep, cause you any anxiety or stress. Toss or donate items you feel obligated to keep because it was expensive or it was a gift, or is constantly in your way.
  4. Change your bedding weekly, or buy 2-sets of new bedding, if necessary. So you’ll have one on the bed, and one in the laundry or linen closet.
  5. Rearrange or remove any furniture to make the layout less cluttered and more functional, especially if you are staging your home for sale.
  6. If needed, make subtle changes in lighting, sound, and decor to help create a more relaxing space.
  7. Label any new storage areas or containers.
  8. Immediately sell or donate unwanted or unused items you’ve gathered.
  9. Please take an “After” photo and share it. C’mon, we all want to see your achievement today!

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