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Value Quality Over Quantity

Today is the last of our 31-days of Decluttering and DailyTips for January. I hope everyone has made marked progress in your organizing goals for 2021. My two topics for today are: Setting Limits and Valuing Quality Over Quantity.

We live in a time of more excess and waste than ever before.

We think nothing of a closet full of clothes, where our grandmothers and great-grandmothers only ever had a few dresses and a single pair of shoes to get them by. Holidays and birthdays are accompanied by piles of gifts rather than just one or two, while our kitchens and bathrooms are packed to the gills with gadgets, accessories, and products we rarely use.

We have to be diligent about setting our own limits.

One client I worked with wanted/needed to create a capsule wardrobe, and limited herself to just forty hangers. Compared to the closets of a century ago, forty hangers is probably still a lot, but for this client — and for most women today — getting rid of that many clothes was a pretty drastic change. Could you do that?

Value Quality Over Quantity.

When you do find yourself in need of something new, actively commit to seeking out items that are well made from quality materials. Take the time to read reviews or to find items that are made locally, versus overseas.

Commit to rethinking consumerism and minimalism as a family — build memories and experiences rather than accumulating more “stuff.” Spend a day doing an activity and bring NOTHING home but memories and strengthened family bonds.

Staying organized and committing to an organized life takes practice. It takes repetition. I suggest that you revisit your progress each month. If you stumble, start again on Day One and re-work your way through. Focus on cleaning, tidying and revisiting the loose ends each month. Keep organizing as an ongoing priority and you’ll be amazed at how wonderful a clutterfree household can be.

Please keep sharing your de-cluttering successes with me on social media, and be diligent and intentional about keeping your home, mind and schedule clutter-free from here on out.

Cheers to 2021! 😀

~ Katy Burley, Professional Organizer | Closet Designer

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