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Day 13 of 14-Day Kitchen Challenge — Assess Your Appliances

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Small appliances are fun to shop for – but after their initial use, most seem to disappear into the darkness of our cabinets.  Follow these simple rules to take control of your small appliance menagerie:

  1. Take inventory — Before organizing your appliances, pull them all out of hiding and take inventory.  How many do you have?  Which appliances have collected dust? Can you live without any of them?  aka: Panini press, Pasta makers, etc.
  2. Consider the uses — If your blender can work as a food processor, think about donating the food processor.
  3. Categorize — Separate the appliances into two categories: “Rarely Use” and “Use Often.”  Only keep what you can do without, and purge the rest.
  4. Stow away — Keep small appliances OFF the kitchen counter.  Store them together in a kitchen cabinet or pantry.  Out of sight means less visual clutter, but often things hidden in the cabinet tend to be forgotten.  So, only store what you WILL use.
  5. DonateDonate.  Donate.  Need I say more?  You are blessed.  Many people are not.  Please share the wealth.


Pull-out cabinet drawers

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