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Organize your Games DVD and CD Collection

Organize your Games DVD and CD Collection

Your video games, DVDs and other media are largely a modern phenomenon, but one that can easily get out of control. Fear not! Taking just a little time to organize your household’s video games, DVDs and entertainment media can be simple, and really pay off.

For those films (particularly children’s movies), that get watched (or games that get played) over and over, purchase only the items you can FIT into an allotted space. When that space is filled, its time to purge. Store movies and games in a labeled container and reassess frequently (before buying gifts for any birthdays, holidays, etc).

Today’s goal: A collection of DVDs, CD and video games that you actually watch or play, stored in a functional and organized space.

  1. Gather all of your CDs, DVDs and video games and take a “before” photo.
  2. Only KEEP items that you or a family member plan to watch or play again and are in GOOD shape.
  3. Organize DVDs by appropriate age, genre or title.
  4. Designate, and then clean the shelf, space or a container for each, and limit yourself to just that space. My favorite minimalism quote is “You do not need more space, you need LESS stuff.”
  5. Toss, donate or share the excess with your local charities.
  6. Please take an “after” photo of your new play area and share it with me on Facebook or Instagram.

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