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Organizing Your Kitchen Counter.

Organizing Your Kitchen Counter.

Today’s Goal: A clean and functional kitchen counter area that make cooking and working in the kitchen a pleasure instead of a chore.

So, let’s assess the current situation: What’s on your kitchen counters? What are your biggest clutter struggles? What would you like to change? Like the dining table, the ample flat surfaces provided by kitchen counters are often a catch-all for, well, everything! Keys, mail, school papers, groceries, recycling, etc.

Steps to Declutter your Kitchen counters:

  1. Take a “before” photo of your kitchen counters
  2. Remove and put away any items that are not food or kitchen related.
  3. Clean and clear off your counters – Keeping ONLY the appliances that you use more than 3x/week, are in good working order and you absolutely LOVE and want to display on your counters.
  4. Create new storage options for appliances you want to keep, but don’t use very often.
  5. Immediately sell, toss or donate unwanted items.
  6. Take an “after” photo and share on Instagram or Facebook. If you have questions, you can post them there too!
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