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Simple Steps to Accomplish Dining Room Goals

Simple Steps to Accomplish Dining Room Goals

Ok. Let’s get real. We all know that the dining room table is where we are supposed to eat dinner, make eye contact and conversation with our loved ones, etc… but most of us eat on the coffee table, staring at the TV! Am I right?

The current challenge is this space, our course, is useful for many other tasks, such as homework, paying bills, doing science projects, or holding all the paper clutter we’re just not sure what do do with.

Today’s Goal: An open, comfortable, and inviting dining space for guests and family to gather, connect relax and EAT together.

Simple Steps to Accomplish #DiningRoomGoals

  1. Take a “before” picture.
  2. Remove any items that do not belong in the dining room.
  3. Clear and clean ALL flat surfaces – Declutter the dining table, shelves, buffets. Collect your knick-knacks (pictures, candles, decor) in one area.
  4. Do NOT keep items that you don’t use, don’t like or are constantly in your way. Don’t keep items you feel obligated to keep because it was a gift or it was expensive when you purchased it.
  5. Remove any furniture that is not working for your space (especially if you are staging your home for sale). Throw it away, donate it, or sell it on Facebook, Craigslist or NextDoor, then, if necessary, re-arrange the remaining furniture to make your layout more functional.
  6. Create dedicate storage spaces in the dining room that match the way your dining room is used. Is this your homeoffice; consider a small to-go filing cabinet for papers. Is the dining room table used for crafts; determine what items you need and create simple storage solutions that work to clear the area when its time for dinner.
  7. Please take an “after” picture and smile because now you’re ready for a tasty and memorable meal in your dining room.

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